About Me - The Owner


My name is Patty Vatter and I own Epicurean Boutique.  I am married, my husband's name is Ric and we have a beautiful red-headed son named Jeremy.  I live outside of Washington DC in a small town called Lake Ridge.  

I LOVE working with my hands and have done it all - all kinds of crafting that is...  From tole painting, to stain glass.  And yes - along the way of every type of media that I learned - I bought "all" of the supplies you need to open up a store (just kidding).  

I began sewing at the age of 15 - took a home economics class in high school and learned how to sew.  I used my mom's Singer sewing machine for several years - and made clothes for myself including my senior prom dress.

I purchased my first sewing machine at the age of 21 (Viking) and began sewing - making all kinds of crafts including dolls, bunnies, and santas.  Once my son was born - I discovered salt dough ornaments and made them for friends and family and began selling them and cloth dolls at local craft shows.  I participated in the shows with my best friend Jan - Doughpourri was the name of our business.  For many years, we sold our crafts at the local craft shows in the Washington DC area -- schools, Wakefield Rec Center, convention centers.  It is a rewarding feeling knowing that a little part of you was being displayed in someone's home, Christmas tree etc. We did the craft show circuit for many years.  Then in late 1992 - I got this bright idea to open up a shop to sell my crafts.  Hence Epicurean Crafts was born - BTW, my husband chose the name for for the store.  

Slowly year after year, the shop grew - first in the gifts and crafts department - then the quilting section expanded.  I love using Debbie Mumm's fabrics and use them to dress my dolls and santa's.  Also, I collected her books/booklets and began quilting - starting with making her ornaments and then moving on to small wall hangings.  I had a hard time finding her fabrics - so I decided to carry them in my store.  

It was very EASY for me to shop in my store - because I LOVE just about everything I buy.  I love having the shop and participating in the quilt shows around the country - I very much enjoy meeting people and love our customers.  I operated the shop for 19 years and closed the doors due to personal issues on December 30, 2010.   

I participate in major quilt and fiber art shows around the country.  I have folks that helps me with the shows.  And sometimes my sister Suzie comes with us. 

Many THANKS goes to all of my friends, family and the designers that have supported me though all of the years of having the shop.  And special "THANKS" goes to my customers for your continued support!!  I love bringing you the very best hand work patterns and wools and supplies to make them!